“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his aim fulfilled,
they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Lao Tzu

Faced with a rapidly changing and uncertain external landscape, under pressure for short-term results and threatened by the chronic stress that accompanies many leadership roles, effective leadership today is the most complex it has ever been. To complicate matters, the expectations of followers have also changed. Through the power of emotional contagion (the subconscious transmission of emotions) the attitudes and behaviours of leaders directly shape the cultures of their teams and organisations. The problem is that many of the tools and approaches leaders relied on, even ten years ago, are no longer effective in today’s environment.

Executives wanting to improve their leadership effectiveness are faced with a dizzying array of definitions of leaders and leadership. The reality is sustaining effective leadership is not something that can be solely learned in a classroom setting or by reading the latest leadership book. These can be useful starting points, but the skills learned quickly dissipate without a structure to support the new behaviours.

Kemp Street Partners brings an interpretive lens that helps leaders make sense of their current situation and how this, along with their behaviour, is impacting their success and the performance of others around them. By creating the space to think and reflect, offering a safe place and a sounding board for ideas, provoking thinking, discussing the latest in the leadership practices, and creating accountability for desired actions, leaders can build the skills and dispositions necessary for 21st century leadership.

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