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  • Reciprocal Peer Coaching Supported by a Professional Coach: The Future of Sustained Leader Development? Liane Kemp (2019). Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, 4 (1), 57-75. Leader development requires learning new ways of behaving, which takes sustained practice over time, yet organisations continue to focus their efforts in traditional classroom style workshops, spending billions of dollars in the process. This paper describes and interrogates a contemporary approach to leader development, that includes reciprocal peer coaching to embed skill development, increase goal attainment, and enable learning transfer into the wider organisational system for positive impact (
  • Life and Leadership: Addressing the challenges of being a 21st century leader. Liane Kemp (2016). The 21st century is challenging even the best leaders; old leadership models are increasingly ineffective and yet the pressure for even greater performance is relentless. Presented to the Columbia International Coaching Conference in New York, this paper describes the lived experiences of three senior leaders in diverse business sectors, and discusses the impact of a holistic approach to leadership development.
  • How You Lead Matters. Liane Kemp (2016). Effective 21st century leadership styles and their impact on organisational climate.
  • Primal Leadership. Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee (2013).  









  • The Discipline of Teams. Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith (1993)